Heartfelt Needlefelt

no499-hillside-too-by-deebsThis needlefelt ‘wool painting’ (No.499 Hillside Too by Deebs) reminded me that a few years ago — five, maybe — I saw some crafting show on TV showing how to do such a thing. They were making a purse, and all I could think of was how fragile and itchy such a purse seemed to me…

However, a nice 11″ x 14″ wall piece seems much more appealing.

For some reason I really like the trees; wool seems to match the texture of evergreens, even from a distance.

And, I lurves me the color purple.

Combined, there’s a reverse wistful sense for me — like the bleak itchiness of the past has been left for more colorful pastures.

But that’s just me; you tell me what you see and feel.

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