Writing On The Wall Book Art

Etsy artist WHIMSYlove turns vintage and used books into wall art by folding the pages, origami style, for three-dimensional artworks dubbed Writing on the Wall Book Art — and it’s being featured for sale at the Bellevue Art Museum.


Each Writing on the Wall piece arrives with hanging hardware and a keepsake card printed on white cardstock with “stats,” including Book Title, Author, Copyright Date, # of Pages in book, & how many folds were made to create your piece of artwork!

2 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall Book Art

  1. I’ve put off replying because I have been stumped by the idea of cleaning these… With all the pet fur ’round here, I couldn’t even think of anything funny to say.

    I suspect you could use the same method of cleaning used for textiles (the vacuum attachment over a screen), but I’m not sure how effective that would be on something as deep as pages.

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