Recycle Your Dolls into Cakes

Did anyone ever make you a cake with a doll in it? I never did get one, so far. I was at a birthday party where someone else had one. Her Mother had made it for her. My Mom and I made cakes, pies, preserves, puddings, cheesecakes, muffins, pizzas, cabbage rolls, strudel, we even took a crack at old fashioned pirogies. But, we did not make a doll cake.

As a kid I wondered if they made a hole in the cake first or just used the doll’s pointy toes to stuff her inside the cake. It’s not like she could complain. Now I know they must have cut the hole first. Otherwise the cake would need to be fixed smooth again before they could begin to add the first layer of icing.

Maybe, I will get inspired to make one for my nieces. Their birthdays are in the same month, kind of convenient for someone like myself who is not a great, or very patient, cake decorating type.

I found a pretty dolly cake recipe on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese site. This one is made with gelatin and cream cheese, not the typical cake.

Cake Fun’s Cake Magic has directions with photos that show how the dolly cake is constructed.

Cakeadelic has made her cakes with Barbie dolls in princess dresses. The bride is my favourite of these. Seen Fully Sedap also uses Barbie dolls.

The Kitchy Kitchen has the simplest design, not all the bows and flowers of the others and yet her cake is the prettiest, in my opinion. Not overly decorated, just pretty. She makes couture dolly cakes based on fashion looks.

Reader submitted photos of dolly cakes at Coolest Birthday Cakes. Doll in a cupcake on Easy Cupcakes.

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