The Old Doll Cover on the Toilet Roll Trick

Not so long ago I made a note for myself to write about those dolls they put inside the toilet paper rolls and then fancy up with a crocheted skirt. Have you seen any of those lately? I can remember seeing one at a Christmas bazaar a few years ago. I think they have lost something in popularity. The question is… what took their place? I don’t know. Maybe all those rolls are just left naked now. Seems a shame.

I know my Grandmother had one. Not the Grandmother I usually enjoyed visiting, except she did play Scrabble. It wasn’t easy to find Scrabble players when I was the oldest of my brother and sisters. I do remember she had a fancy crocheted doll with the legs stuck through the roll and the skirt pulled over the thick roll of paper around her legs. I thought it was clever. I didn’t know there were more of them out there. I’m quite sure it was white and yellow, a brunette doll.

Now, such a long time later, it would be kind of nice to see one of those dolls again. I might even crochet the pattern myself. I can easily pick up a dozen dolls cheap, recycled from the bin at the local thrift shop. It would be nice to give those poor dolls something to do, a job – rather than leaving them homeless.

Crochet N More – A pattern free for personal use.

Craft Bits – A pattern contributed in memory of Irene.

Crochet Pattern Central – A variety of patterns linked to. Covers for various items.

The lovely angel toilet roll cover doll comes from an Etsy shop, JacBerKitcsh.

SturmDM has an doll with an Irish dress, quite fancy.

Lankfords2designs has a doll with a very lovely full skirt.

3 thoughts on “The Old Doll Cover on the Toilet Roll Trick

  1. Laura,

    HI! I’m here to tell you the TP Doll Cover is on a rise again! More and More people are asking about Vintage Kitschy Crafts. I’ve made a few this past year. NOT a Doll which I really want to do, but Hats! I love ’em…I love Vintage Crafts. I also want to make the Bottle Cap Grape Trivet. I love love love that lol. Sooo I’m now looking for a dress pattern for Tissue Covers is how I stumbled on your site. The Angel is adorable.

  2. looking for a crochet pattern called Society Gal it is a toilet roll cover with a doll i need the pattern please let me know ifyou have one thank you very much

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