Old Fashioned Pressed Flowers as Art

These pressed flowers come from a shop on Etsy: Forever Flowers by Amy. They’re gorgeous, with vibrant colours. My Mother and I pressed flowers when I was a kid. I haven’t done much of it since then. Usually, it’s for a special occasion and I’m using flowers someone sent me, or those I collected at the time.

Right now it’s still Winter, not the time of year to gather flowers and leaves for pressing flowers. But, maybe the weather out there today has put flowers on my mind.

Use a very heavy book (my personal favourite is an old dictionary) and wax paper to squish your flowers flat. The book pages can get stained if you don’t protect them. Wax paper works but you shouldn’t use it again for the flowers you press with the warm iron.

Drying the flowers in the book first helps preserve them longer in the wax paper. Moisture is what will cause them to rot after all.  My Mother used to place flowers between sheets of wax paper and then iron them. Don’t use steam.

Make sure the wax side is on the flowers to seal them inside. I did see double sided wax paper but usually it seems to be waxed on one side and not the other. The iron does not need to be at a very hot setting. Try touching it to the wax paper and see how it looks. A setting too hot can make the wax look white when it dries.

Pose your flowers as you want them to be preserved, before you iron them. You might decorate with wax crayons, just draw something on a layer of the wax paper before you iron it. Try adding glitter, feathers, finely ground coffee, a bit of sand – anything that lies flat enough to not cause the wax paper to rip when you iron over it all.

You can turn your wax pressed flowers into something useful, like a bookmark. Add a cardboard backing or something else stiff that will give them a bit of durability.

I’ve found a few links with some variation in the idea and extra tips I haven’t heard or thought of before:

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