Bed Dolls Will be Seen but not Heard

This bed doll with her poodle skirt comes from Td Creations Crochet on Etsy. I’ve also seen these dolls called boudoir dolls, a fancier sounding name for sure.

The doll is not meant to be a child’s toy. She was a fancy girl, dressed up with her hair in a complicated style and her clothing immaculate. She was a glamour girl.

Once you had made your bed the doll was posed on the bed, likely in the middle of your pillows – a place of honour.

Have you ever had a bed doll? Would you like one?

The nice thing would be creating new fashions for the doll. Though not all of them were meant to be undressed and re-dressed. If you buy or refurbish a doll to become a doll fashionista, make sure her arms and legs bend enough to be redressed in new outfits.

Many bed dolls I have seen online are wearing crocheted outfits. But, the doll my Mother bought me was all dressed in white satin and lace with ribbon flowers.

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