We’ll be honest, we’re here to sell you art.

And on the idea of art.

We want more people appreciating art, making art, buying art, making art a part of their lives. We figure that’s best served by helping more people become more comfortable with art.

That’s pretty simple, right?

But if you need to know more… Here’s some stuff that’s sort of like the ABC’s of FAQs.

On the subject of Art V. Craft

Ululating Undulating Ungulate makes no official distinction between art & craft; such determinations are in the minds of the creator, the viewer, and, perhaps most telling in a capitalist society, the buyer.

Is there nudity on Ululating Undulating Ungulate?

Yes. Art contains body parts. Sometimes they are au naturel, sometimes they may be positioned such that they emote an eroticism. Quite frankly, a work of art doesn’t need to have human forms to be erotic, nor any intention to be erotic, yet people see or feel it anyway… Let’s just say that even if we had the time to police all your minds, we are not inclined to purge or purify them. We will avoid pure porn, but if nudity bothers you, we’ve warned you. (And we have to ask, “Just how do you bathe yourself with such little self control?”)

What about violence of other forms of graphic art?

Violence bothers us far more than sexuality. But since it bothers us, we challenge ourselves to confront those feelings as we do with any feelings artworks may evoke.

Plus we’re not big into censorship.

There’s no censorship at this website?!

I said, “We’re not big into censorship.” Naturally, we have our own reactions and responses to art (and other things), which creates a filter in selection alone; but we are very uncomfortable with the idea of censorship and muzzling voices. Therefore we don’t blacklist any specific styles, themes, or artists outright.

That said, however, we do reserve the right to pick & choose what we want to show & discuss here at U3. And that includes hateful, abusive comments.

Why call the site Ululating Undulating Ungulate? (And what’s up with the dancing antelope?!)

animationWell, what else could better express the excitement of art than a four-legged mammal gyrating, and happily trilling? What other than art could motivate an ungulate — like our antelope — to stand on its hind legs, undulate, and ululate with joy?

Uh, besides sex, possibly.

But then that’s creation too, so we stand by our point. Art is f-ing awesome.

And, maybe, just maybe, it also refers to the circumstance in which a lack of art education makes you feel like a jackass when you try to talk about art. Even pieces you love and are excited about. Nah, that never happens to anyone…

How do I do business with The Ungulate?

This site abso-freakin’-lutely does not accept paid posts. Please do not ask us about paid postings, i.e. money or product for posting articles. Instead consider our advertising options, writing for us, and/or review policy (just a bit further below).

Links are like spit; we don’t just swap them with anyone. But, if you think you’re so rockin’ hot (arts & crafts wise), that we’d want to French kiss you, tell us about it! (Email Deanna Dahlsad at Deanna.Pop.Tart@gmail.com.) Meanwhile, submit to the ,a href=http://www.ululating-undulating-ungulate.com/art-directory/ target=_blank>art directory listings & advertising options.

Reviews & Disclosures

The Ungulate does accept product for review. When we accept review product we will provide our usual honest, thoughtful reviews — and only honest, thoughtful reviews. And we will disclose in any review in which the product was sent free for review purposes just who sent it for that purpose.

Ululating Undulating Ungulate uses affiliate programs, links which may result in earning a small fee &/or percentage of any sales obtained from readers who click on the links and make a purchase. These links do not raise the prices you pay, nor do they cost you anything for clicking them and looking. Please consider any fees earned as small tips — a way of thanking those who assist you in finding the specific items, products, &/or services you might be looking for. Thank you.

Who Makes This Site?

Deanna Dahlsad, Founder, Editor & Author
Laura Brown, Editor & Author

Ululating-Undulating-Ungulate.com (aka U3, or The Ungulate) is brought to you by U.P. to the D.L. (which, technically speaking, currently is the dynamic duo of Deanna Dahlsad & Laura Brown). You can keep up with projects by U.P. to the D.L. at Twitter: @UPtotheDL.

How do I contact you?

Any questions, concerns, comments about this site may be sent Deanna Dahlsad at Deanna.Pop.Tart@gmail.com.

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