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ddee_poptartAbout Deanna Dahlsad, Ululating Undulating Ungulate author and founder:

I was voted Most Likely To Join A Cult by my family; seeing as I’m mainly an obsessive collector, researcher and writer, I guess they were right.

Only there’s no leader telling you drink the Kool-Aid. Unless you consider the (admittedly often nerdy) Muses who force you to live the bon vivant life of a starving artist to be my leader — and the resulting near-penniless status of an occupational vagabond to be a slower, IV drip-esque, version of poisoned Kool-Aid…

As sarcastic and/or pessimistic as that sounds, I, like most creative-types, enjoy my life-long sacrifice of material well-being in order to pursue my interests.

I use the expression ‘starving artist’ because A) that it’s rather understood and 2) there’s an art not only to writing but to researching too. (These are activities as driven by passion as painting; obsessions which have us making mountains out of mashed potatoes. Only we use a lot more words.) And writing and researching are about as appreciated by the general population as making art. I know this because I had a rather short stint as a professional artist.

Yes, I said ‘professional artist’ — I was paid and even commissioned for my works. But that doesn’t mean I’m that good. …Erm, in fact, just telling you that I was paid for my creative works makes me squirmy.


I’ve had a complicated relationship with art and my own creativity. Something which has everything to do with starting Ululating Undulating Ungulate. So stick around, you’ll find out more.

As for the more traditional bio stuff…

I’m a paid columnist at Collectors’ Quest. I run Kitsch Slapped. And I recently founded Inherited Values, an antiques and vintage collectibles network that most definitely does not go by the book on objects. Plus I’m known as Pop Tart and DPopTart at other sites (you’ll likely recognize my kitschy blue poodle with glasses).

Feel free to find/follow me at Twitter and/or at Facebook as well as contacting me via email at Deanna.Pop.Tart@gmail.com.

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