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Sleeping Hanging Bats “Wonderful Flying Foxes” Antique Illustration Giclee Print on Vintage Paper Maroon Matted 5 x 7 Ready To Frame!

A colony or cloud of bats hangs upside down in this illustrated gravure print from 1887 entitled “Wonderful Flying Foxes.”

We’ve lovingly scanned the antique illustration and reproduced it for you as a giclee print — on vintage paper, to keep the feel of the original.

What’s more, it is already matted and ready to insert inside any 5 by 7 inch fame.

The matting is in a rich maroon or burgundy shade in a matte finish, which really compliments the tanned old paper.


A Rare Antique Folk Art Find: A Family Tree Made Of Tintypes

A few weeks ago, my husband & I attended an auction at the Cass Country Historical Society. The museum was deaccessioning hundreds of items in order to raise funds to replace the historic St. J…


If you find this inspiring, I’ve also posted some tips on how to make your very own folk art family tree here

Why Humans Make Art With Dead Animals

Listen to Episode 111 of Slate’s The Gist: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab Today on The Gist, we explore the uncanny valley of rogue taxidermy. Robert Marbury, author of Taxidermy Art, explains why an American BioArt trend is taking hold. Plus, Mike Tipping, of The Tipping Point…


This Mom Lets Her 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings, And The Results Are Hilarious! ~ Distractify

“At first, artist Mica Angela Hendricks didn’t want her four-year-old daughter near her new sketchbook. She is serious about her art, and she knew little Myla would want to scribble all over the pages. Then, her daughter said the words that changed everything.

“If you can’t share, we’ll have to take it away.”
“She had used her own mother’s words against her, and now Mica had no choice but to indulge Myla. She let her daughter finish one of her sketches, and pretty soon, they had a whole collection of collaborations.”


Margaret Keane’s Big Eyes Were the Portrait of Her Tortured Soul

by Lise LaSalle Having enjoyed Tim Burton’s movies through the years, my curiosity went on high alert when I read about his new biopic Big Eyes set to be released this Christmas in a theater near you and me. Adam Parfrey who runs Feral House Books, a little house of darkness promoting ‘pure information and…


See also @Laura Brown‘s article about these big-eyed works written a decade ago!

Cigarette Girl, Go-Go Dancer, Punk Rocker — Artist?

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Hell, yes! Charlene Lanzel’s all this and more.

Best known for her series of Pin-Up Girls, but Charlene’s other gigs make you think of her as being the pinup model rather than the artist. Let the history entertain you — develop a huge girly crush, like Slip Of A Girl — but don’t underestimate this fine artist!

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A Nude Exposes The Vincent Price Of Art At Sears

This lithograph of Nude, Sleeping by Wolf Kahn was part of The Vincent Price Collection. No, it’s not like Vincent Price himself owned the nude — but is his selection of the art for a collection to sell at Sears any less creepy?

Yes, you read that right; Vincent Price, the famed B-film master of kitschy horror was selected to head a retail art sales program for Sears.

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Barry McGee. Untitled, 2011. Wood, paint, electric motor. @ Heritage Auctions

Barry McGee. Untitled, 2011. Wood, paint, electric motor. 45 x 6-1/2 x 23 inches (114.3 x 16.5 x 58.4 cm)

2014 May 10 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Benefit Auction #572

The proceeds from The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Benefit Auction will benefit future acquisitions and programming for the Director’s Council FOCUS Exhibition Series. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is dedicated to collecting, presenting, and interpreting international developments in post – World War II art in all media and creating a welcoming environment for its public appreciation. The Modern promotes understanding and interest in art and artists through curatorial research and publications, and a variety of educational programs, including lectures, guided tours, classes, and workshops.

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{pricing} 46 random tips to help you price your stuff

pricing. seriously, i think this is one of the most challenging parts of
building your own little biz.

last week i recommended an ebook called earn what you deserve. this book  does not give you a magic formula for figuring out your pricing. what it does do is tackle the underlying issues you need to consider before you can really charge what you are worth.

let me say that again. no pricing advice in the world is going to help you
if you do not have a sense of the value of your work.

earn what you deserve is going to help you do that. with it, you consider
what it means to be a biz owner, tackle your own beliefs about money and finances, figure out the true cost of doing business, look at new ways of marketing and selling, and start to build your own sense of value in your work and your product. once you have done that, then what?

well it is time to look at what you have been charging for your product. as
promised i have compiled a list of tips, advice and strategies from all
over the place that may help you with this. this is not a step-by-step
formula for figuring out your price. (if i ever find the elusive, magic
step-by-step formula for pricing i will share it immediately!) what i have
done is a lot of research into different strategies and taken the bits and
pieces that make sense to me and apply them to what i do. so i am sharing those bits and pieces with you here.

first, let’s get your head in the game…

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Sorayama Robot Shark Wallpaper

View, download, comment, and rate this 1280×800 Wallpaper

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Original Pinup Art by Maly Siri

This is the original artwork created by Maly Siri for our Valentine Card. Be my Secret Valentine, 16×20 inches, watercolor and pencil on Arches art board. We have been given the unique opportunity to sell this original piece of art first before it goes to Maly’s exclusive showing in Paris! Shipping charges will be paid to Maly Siri as this artwork will ship directly to you from her studio in Canada.

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