Doodle Week

Ululating Undulating Ungulate is now home to the all new Doodle Week!

As Laura, the meme founder, explains, this weekly challenge encourages people who think they can’t draw to draw. Weekly.

doodleweaklyYou might feel you’re drawing weakly, but if you do it weekly, your doodles will improve. Plus you’ll be stimulating your creativity. Creativity is located on the right side of your brain — that means it must be the right thing to do! Heck, just exercising your brain is good for you… Maybe as a result you’ll remember third grade math, discover the key to one of life’s greatest mysteries — or just find your missing house key. You could even lose weight and become a millionaire! *

Well, at least you’ll have fun.

How it works:

1. Check in here at U3 each week to find out what the Doodle Week theme is and who’s hosting Doodle Week. Doodle Week topics are meant to inspire you.

2. Doodle.

3. Post your doodle. If you don’t have a blog (gasp!), you are welcome to post your doodles to Doodle Week on Flickr. (Flickr is free to use.)

4. Share your doodle. Come back to the Doodle Week host’s post and share your doodle by leaving the link to your doodle. Maybe look at a few other Doodle Week doodles, leave an encouraging comment or two? That’s entirely up to you. Feel free to follow Doodle Week on Twitter and tweet your doodles too. (Heh Heh “tweet your doodles too” sounds like something a rooster says.)

Yes, Virginia, it’s that easy!

Ifn’in ya wanna, you could also host a Doodle Week… Leave a comment if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you.

You can explore past Doodle Weeks here.

doodle-week-125Show your support of Doodle Week!

Grab (right-click and save) the Doodle Week image, upload it to your blog’s sidebar and link it here to the Doodle Week page to encourage others to participate in the doodle challenge.

Of course, you could always doodle your own…

* Our legal team advises us that we must include some fine print here. Disclaimer: Neither Ululating Undulating Ungulate nor its associates promises or even implies that anything will happen as a result of Doodle Week.

We think if they doodled once a week, they’d lighten up.