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Nudity In Art

Nudity: Good Or Bad?

When we were creating Ululating Undulating Ungulate, we had to come up with our policy on nudity in art; not being big into censorship, and creating a site for adults, we opted to include nudity.

Deciding what is art, or, perhaps more accurately, what are “good nudes vs. bad nudes” is highly subjective — but an important issue for all to consider.

Along with the issues raised in that article, does age of the work matter? Does it’s placement in a museum or other accreditation matter?

Image Credits: haunted by ~dysny.

Stick Legs

When I first spotted the thumbnail photo for this ebay listing for a James Wallace Pondelicek nude, I thought that the lines were illustrated legs…

Turns out, the “lines” are not drawn upon the photo, but thin pieces of vegetation on the beach

The photo, titled The Bather, is rare hand signed original double-weight sepia gelatin silver photograph, circa 1924. Taken along the shores of Lake Michigan, this vintage nude was used as the cover for James Pondelicek sampler catalog.

Fauning Over Maclise

Several people must have been fauning fawning over R.A. Daniel Maclise’s Pan And The Dancing Fairies (The Faun And The Fairies) because the pretty painted piece sold for 301,250 GBP (roughly $498,509 in US dollars) at Sotheby’s Victorian & Edwardian Art auction held December 17th, 2009.


I show it to you merely because it would have been the piece I would have been wistfully admiring had I been at the auction.