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Fear Of The Blank Paper

Staring down the pristine, stark-white surface of a blank page can be soooo intimidating… This phenomenon occurs with writers too. So what can you do when you’ve got your supplies all set, but that blank white page just stares back at you, taunting you, teasing you, bullying you…

Well, if you’re like Steve Thompson, maybe you carve your Crayolas into Star Wars characters.

If pencils are your tools, Dalton Ghetti‘s carved graphite works may be more inspiring to you.

If words are (supposed to be) your weapons of choice in the creative fight against the blank page, how about carving those pencil tips into letters? (Also by Dalton Ghetti.)

Take that, blank paper! We’re still getting our art on!

Creative Writing Challenges

Sometimes I feel full of ideas and can just begin to write. From one idea others build and flow and soon it becomes a might river. But, other times… I may be having a bad day, I may have too many things on my mind, I may just not know where to start, lots of things can make it hard to begin. Writing exercies are a good way to bring yourself back to focus on your writing. With some work, the words can soon be flowing again.

Here are writing exercises which challenge you to tell a story in limited words, letters or paragraphs. Or, provide you with specific topics to write about.